Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday parties and shoes

How cute is this?? Jaycee's class took a field trip to city hall and got to tour the fire station, police station, see police cars, and tour the mayors office and city council meeting room. The mayor (who happens to be Jaycee's teacher's husband!) set up a mock city council meeting for them and it was so adorable. They had to campaign and vote for their favorite candy, then the one that had the most votes, they all got a piece. Jaycee was in charge of holding the sign for the votes :)
Look at this outfit that rara got Jaycee!!! Gorgeous right?? She was all dressed up to go to a birthday party for a boy and she was so excited. How did she get to be so grown up and gorgeous?? Someone tell her to stop! She was so excited about being invited to the party. She really hasn't been invited to many parties yet, so it was a big deal to her. I really fear for her, that she is going to turn out too much like her mama, letting her heart get broken too easily, when no harm was meant. She doesn't understand why every single person she knows doesn't invite her to their birthday party. It's been interesting, trying to explain it all to her!

Miss pattycake came to our church!! The girls loved meeting her and had a great time at the show. Mommy had long hours working at it! But it was fun. She was an amazing woman to meet, so much love in her heart for God's children!

At a Mcdonalds birthday party on Saturday. Aren't they funny? After the party we went shoe shopping and I think we bought a total of 6 (!!!!) pairs of shoes!! Can you believe that? All 3 of us needed 2 pairs. I needed some for church that wouldn't hurt my feet so bad, and some new tennis shoes since mine were really old and the runner/foot health boss in this house (ahem, Justin) said I really needed new ones to make my feet stop hurting. Both girls also needed new tennis shoes/school shoes, and summer shoes. Thank heavens for target, and their abundance of cute cheap shoes! Oh, and I have to say my husband rocks for cleaning the house while we were gone. He's been doing a good job lately of piccking up my slack on cleaning and cooking. I just can't seem to get a handle on this working and being a mom/wife thing. My house is always a mess, we don't have many home cooked healthy meals. But we are trying!
I've spent the last hour searching for bible verses to help me cope with a particularly difficult situation. I decided that maybe someone out there needed one of them as much as I do, so maybe I should share and slip in a few pics of my cute kiddos :)
How do we begin to handle being treated badly by someone that is supposed to love us? Well, if I ever figure that out I'll let the rest of you know. All I know is, when it gets almost unbearable, I just have to remind myself that God loves me, no matter what. He always has, he always will, and nothing will ever change that. People in my life who should love me, who should lift me up and encourage me, who should want to spend time with me, don't always meet those expectations. I know, no one is perfect, and I shouldn't expect that. But when it happens over, and over, and over again, it gets harder and harder to deal with. But that is what God is there for, to be the one that does love us, every single time. The one I can always depend on. The one that knows my heart, and knows I don't deserve to be treated like I don't matter. That my children don't deserve to be treated that way. And, to remind me that when these things do happen, the best thing I can do is try to be more like him, and forgive them. Love them despite their hurting me.
Hebrews 13:5 "I will never leave thee or forsake thee"
Isaiah 40:29 He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.
Matthew 11:28 "Come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."
John 14:1 "Don't let your hearts be troubled, Trust in God"
Colossians 3:15 And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.......
I could go on and on. But you get the idea :)

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