Monday, November 1, 2010

Just pics.....

I don't really have time to do much writing, but wanted to get up some pics from the past month or so that I finally downloaded!

Jaycee dressed to go to the fair with her school.

Our view of the field for the razorback game at cowboys stadium.

World's biggest TV.

Phil and Brent, aka Roy D Mercer radio show. They were sitting right behind us, and since everyone my mother goes she attracts someone from the male species, we ended up getting to know them.

Jaycee's hair one night after she let me blow dry it. So gorgeous!

Jos wanted a pic of hers too............

Chase, Justin, and Jos carving pumpkins.

Jaycee posing with her pumpkin

Jos with hers

Cinderella and Jesse

I believe this one explains itself...... OK it's sort of cute. How come in the only decent picture of me in 2 years, I'm dressed like a bumble bee? Kind of like how your Driver license pic is always awful, then you are stuck looking at it for years.....

Here they are in the outfits they wore to Jaycee's school party.

Modeling some cute outfits we got them in Dallas....

Waiting to go in rain forest cafe. My sole reason for posting this pic is Joslyn's face. This is the side of her that I am trying to explain to people when they tell me :"oh, she is so sweeeet!"

Homecoming pep really with Jaycee's class.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!