Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A picture I took of a picture we were given of Jaycee, taken by a team mom. Great isn't it?

Jos in a tinkerbell costume memaw got her!

Daddy and his girls on fathers day

Jos in the boat waiting for a ride!

The girls in Raras lake cabin waiting on bobber and daddy to finish workin on the boat!

Jos at church eatin a popsicle

Jaycee rock climbing with uncle possum (my brother, who was given the name possum in the army when some guys found out he was from arkansas)

Outside mermaids waiting for lunch, it was hot!!

My younger brother Jordan and my cousin steven. 2 adorable sweet guys!

Jaycee and uncle possum

Jos fell asleep like this......

Jaycee ready for ball!

And now sadness. A couple of weeks ago, we lost our beloved doggy elvis, who we often called boo. Justin and I cried for days, it was terrible. He was a very special dog to us. We got him right after we got married, and then when I was sick and going through being diagnosed with lupus, he stayed by me the whole time. When Justin was deployed to Iraq, he kept me company. He moved with us 11 times and always came happily as long as we were there. I still miss him terribly and know i'll never forget him.

I thought it would be awhile before I could stand to get another dog. But soon, I started to feel lonely, and like the house just didn't feel the same! I started kind of looking around on petfinder to see if I could find a dog that interested me.

This picture caught my eye........

and I just had to meet him! I went to Mt Ida yesterday and fell in love. He is an extremely sweet dog, though a little timid b/c he hasn't had the best start to life. We love him already though. Here he is after we got home:

The girls are gone this week to TX with Justin's Mom. They are having a blast! They went to sea world yesterday and Joslyn called and told me all about meeting "Chamu!" Sweet girls. I miss them a lot, but i'm having a good week of rest. I took off from the different jobs i've been doing (babysitting, teaching programs at church) so I could just stay home this week and it's been so nice. Today I have lunch with a great friend, tomorrow is my Rheumatologist appt then lunch with mom.

We are enjoying summer, but it's going by quickly! Jaycee has really come along in her swimming, thanks to a sweet friend who lets us swim in her pool. Soon she will be able to swim at rara's house, as rara is building a big pool!! Jaycee has decided she wants to have her birthday party there, though it might be a couple weeks late as we wait for the pool to get done. I think that's a splendid idea, as a party at rara's house will be free!

Jaycee is really getting excited about going to kindergarten. She voluntarily does her workbooks saying she wants to be ready! That may change once its a requirement instead of just fun ;)

Hope everyone is having a great summer!